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Monday, July 19
9:00am WMN10: Closet and Organized Storage Symposium show more Description Moderated by Closets & Organized Storage magazine’s popular editor, Michaelle Bradford, the Closets Symposium is a must-attend event for closet and garage businesses, closet designers, and builders and remodelers. Learn latest design trends, sales and marketing techniques. Symposium registration includes lunch, AWFSFair exhibit hall registration, and access to the Monday evening Leadership reception, where the Woodworking Network Class of 2021 will be introduced. Marketing in a new world ꞁ 9 am - 10 am Design discussion with case studies ꞁ 10:10 am - 11:15 am Installation hacks ꞁ 11:30 am - 12:15 pm Networking lunch ꞁ 12:15pm - 1:30pm Panel: Bold ideas for the post-pandemic world ꞁ 1:40 pm- 2:40pm Panel: Top industry suppliers discuss latest innovations in the industry ꞁ 3:00 pm - 4:00pm Track WWN Symposium
Tuesday, July 20
9:30am TU30: Workshop: Exploring How People Respond to Racial Bias Lisa , Speakers You Need show more Description It is important for individuals to become aware of the various ways in which minorities are isolated, prejudged, or discriminated against in the workplace. In this session you will take an assessment to look at your individual behavior towards racial bias. You will learn the five responses to racial bias and use them to analyze a current event. Learn how to take this information back to your team to explore and address racial bias in the workplace. The session concludes with personal development planning to improve undesirable behavior toward racial bias. Track Culture & Workforce
11:30am TU32: How To Evaluate Woodworking Robotic Applications James , FANUC America Corporation show more Description Advancements in technologies have made robotics easier to implement than ever before for small to large woodworking shops. The discussion will include how to identify a good application, and steps to move forward, including how to determine if a collaborative robot is a good fit. Learnings from real-world implementations will be shared. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the market leader in robotics share their industry insights and how applications have never been easier to automate. Track Technology & Innovation TU31: RTF Lamination – How to Achieve Consistency, Quality and Quantity John , Jowat Corporation; Josh , OMNOVA Solutions show more Description The RTF industry has grown dramatically in recent years, as more designers and industrial woodworkers have recognized the quality and attractiveness of thermofoil laminates. The RTF industry is only continuing to expand, as new laminate designs and materials are providing virtually limitless options for RTF componentry. The challenge, as with every evolving technology, is to balance the your process to maximize quality and quantity. John Elder and Josh Savage will discuss the keys to achieving high quality and quantity – consistently, obtained from both technical training as well as decades of real world experiences from the field. What’s new, what’s tried and true, and the little details that never get covered in the reference manuals. Josh and John will also cover all aspects of RTF production, and the discussion will conclude a question and answer session, where participants can join in discussion of common RTF problems and solutions. Attendees will also receive a digital training manual following the presentation. Track Cabinet, Millwork & Furniture TU37: Strengthening our Future Workforce through the YouWood Campaign Adria , Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS); Laura , Industrial Strength Marketing; Fred , WMMA (Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America); Kevin , No. American Building Material Distribution Assn show more Description Have you heard about the new YouWood campaign? This campaign was launched in January 2021 to increase awareness of the wood industry and promote careers in wood. What does this campaign mean to you and how can you utilize it to strengthen our workforce? How can you get involved to contribute to the campaign and strengthen our industry's unified message? This panel session will explore these topics and inspire you to engage with YouWood! Track Culture & Workforce
1:30pm TU34: Robots in the Booth – Evolution of the Finish Room Mike , Robotic Solutions, LLC show more Description Automate or Evaporate: This universal mantra touches every facet of today’s wood manufacturing industry. First it was computers, then CNC machining centers, and now: ROBOTS! Everyone sees the future, "But…how do I get my operation there?” From a Return-on-Investment perspective, this workshop will present today’s major finish room automation innovations, including: Product delivery systems, automated spraying robots, fluid delivery systems, curing technologies, equipment integration issues, and programming and controls. Videos and 3D-simulations will illustrate how these new technologies are incorporated into existing finish rooms, and costs will be addressed. The ROI impacts will highlight quality, rework, labor, safety, capacity, transfer efficiency, waste, and environment. Track Technology & Innovation TU33: Taking the Leap: Investing in Machinery Matt , Cabinet Concepts by Design show more Description In this session, Matt Wehner (Cabinet Concepts by Design) will talk about how he has taken the leap with $50-$250k machines. He will share what he's learned, what he wishes he had known, and what he'd do differently the next time. This presentation will cover the entire purchasing process from selection through set-up by explaining the surprises that come with integrating a big machine into your shop. Track Cabinet, Millwork & Furniture
3:30pm TU35: Wood Composites: A Sustainability Story Andy , Composite Panel Association; Kenn , Material Intelligence; JoAnna , Mindclick; Micah , Green Building Initiative show more Description Program Overview: Wood composite panels, such as particleboard and medium density fiberboard are the ultimate in recycled products. Fiber that would otherwise rot, degrade or be burned is combined with small amounts of resin and pressed into composite panels. These panels are then used by downstream fabricators to make non-structural products, such as furniture, flooring, millwork and moulding, countertops and more. The panel mills utilize more than 97% of the fiber acquired both to make the panels themselves or to fire the dryers and boilers that support the panel production processes. The panels themselves sequester large amounts of carbon, more than 11 million metric tons of CO2e in North America annually. Products produced from wood panels are used extensively in the residential and commercial built environment and are specified heavily by the architect and design communities. These communities are increasingly focused on specifying products that have transparent and quantifiable sustainable attributes, are functional, attractive and contribute to a healthy indoor experience. Kenn Busch, with Material Intelligence will moderate the panel. Panel participants will share intelligence on a number of programs that target the sustainability of materials in the built environment, including: • Andy O’Hare, CPA: Overview of the industry sector and associated sustainability efforts. • JoAnna Adams, Mind Click and the Design for Health Program: Highlights of this product specific tool that assesses the impact of products and materials on climate and human health and the indoor environment. • Micah Thomas, Senior Director, Program Development and Compliance: Review of GBI: Green Globes® and Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria, which is a science- and consensus-based green building certification program that is nationally recognized for assessing commercial and multifamily buildings in North America and beyond. GBI is also leading the way in supporting investors, portfolio owners, and individual building owners in meeting the challenge of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy development, benchmarking, and reporting. • John Hogan, Marriott Corporation: The global hospitality company is at the forefront of sustainability trends and is using the Design for Health Platform, and building rating systems, including Green Globes and others for their hotel properties, and is dedicated to transparent communication of the environment, social and governance attributes of their hospitality investments. Track Business Management
4:30pm TU36: Robotic Applications in Woodworking John , SCM Group North America show more Description For many years, the automotive industry has been well known for its intensive use of robotics. Fast forward to the present day as robotic applications have surged into the woodworking industry, but not without integration challenges. These challenges can include the following material tolerances: wood is not 100% stable; wood finish is visual; wood applications involve finesse, etc. Gain insight into how these challenges have been met and mastered at this seminar. Track Technology & Innovation
Wednesday, July 21
9:30am WE41: Optimizing Machine and Process Efficiency Through Proper Tooling Selection and Usage Mark , Leitz Tooling Systems LP show more Description This session will discuss the impact of tooling on your machine and process efficiency; evaluating tooling from an ROI standpoint; reducing labor costs through process optimization; and tooling as part of Smart Manufacturing. Learn how to select the correct too design and how to know when you need solid, tipped, or insert; carbide or diamond; standard or a custom solution. How can you determine the value compared the price, while always keeping safety as the first priority. We will explore the importance of proper work-holding and fixturing, how tool holding determines processing speeds, and how proper heat management maximizes tool longevity. Leave this seminar feeling confident about your tooling options and the critical role tooling plays in your operation! Track Technology & Innovation WE40: Ready, Set, ENGAGE: Rock Stars in the House! Kelli , ENGAGE YOUniversity show more Description Based on HR Solution’s report, only 27% of employees are “actively engaged.” The remaining 73% rests between “ambivalent” (60%) and “actively disengaged” (13%). This fast-moving program will give you quick “boots-on-the-ground” tips on getting (and KEEPING) you and your staff ENGAGED to handle today’s challenges. Based on Kelli's book "Ready, Set, ENGAGE: How to Tap in, Tune in, and Turn on Your Workforce," learn to nurture an amazing work culture and inspired staff. Track Culture & Workforce
11:30am WE42: Maximize your profits using AWI's Cost of Doing Business Survey (CoDBS) Sebastien , Hollywood Woodwork show more Description Maximize your profits using AWI's Cost of Doing Business Survey (CoDBS). The CoDBS is an industry-specific benchmark report that allows you to drill into our industry's financial and human resources information. Compare your company to the average and high profit companies. Identify and drill into specific areas where you can improve in your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and performance ratios. Make sure you are remaining competitive with salaries for each position in your company, including wages, bonuses, and benefits. This is invaluable information that is yours for free by being an AWI member and participating in the survey. Join us in this session, open to all AWFS Fair attendees, as we drill down into ways to use this information and maximize your profitability. Track Cabinet, Millwork & Furniture WE43: Real World Machine Safety - A Practical Guide to Injury Prevention and OSHA Compliance for Small Businesses Scott , MAKESafe Tools, Inc. show more Description This workshop takes a practical hands-on approach to machine safeguarding for small manufacturing businesses and distills decades of experience and research into a handful of concepts and small projects that are practical for even the smallest mom-and-pop shop. We all want to be safe around machinery, but complying with OSHA requirements can feel like a hopelessly complex endeavor. This workshop covers simple “must-have” safeguards that are applicable to nearly all machines, explains why the requirements exist through visual interactive examples on real in-workshop machinery, then provides actionable next-steps and practical advice for how to implement these safety projects at your own shop. Track Business Management
1:30pm WE44: CNC Essentials: How to Maximize Your Machine Brian , Clancy Woodworking, LLC show more Description Based on his own experience, commercial millwork professional Brian Clancy will share how he is using his CNC machine, ways to simplify routine processes, and tactics to make additional revenue. If you have a nested CNC, attend this session and learn how to push your machine to be more effective and ultimately more profitable. Track Cabinet, Millwork & Furniture
3:30pm WE46: Welcome Back Kotter - Maximizing Business Culture in 2021 Marc , INNERGY show more Description Do you feel the challenge in attracting, training and retaining employees? Management makes a system work and helps you do what you know how to do but leadership builds systems and transforms old ones. The speed of change continues to increase and leadership has a huge impact on an ever-faster-changing world. Join us as we dig into John Kotter's Change Model and how it impacts company culture. We will look at how to create a strategic vision, influence change, empower your employees to succeed and lead your organization to success. Track Culture & Workforce
4:30pm WE47: Getting the most out of your Edgebander...including perfect joints! Mark , Weinig Holz-Her USA show more Description Learn from Holz-Her edgebander expert Mark Van Dyk and his decades of experience during this informative, educational, an interactive session. Mark will share best practice techniques and preventative maintenance measure so you can continue putting perfect edges on your parts. Track Technology & Innovation
Thursday, July 22
8:00am KEY2021: Be Careful What You Wish For: Economy in Recovery Chris , Armada Corporate intelligence show more Description Join economist Dr. Chris Kuehl as he provides some insight into the economic factors affecting our industry. The boom has been as dramatic as the bust of last year and this has been welcome news, but every silver lining has a dark cloud and this time, it is inflation. We have not really dealt with inflation since the 1990s and many of us are out of practice. This time there are some unusual aspects, and of course, we still have the old issues to deal with: pandemic-related economics, labor shortages, a collapsed supply chain, and more. This event is FREE to all registered AWFS®Fair exhibitors and attendees; session registration is not required. Track Keynote
9:30am TH51: Building a Training Program for Your Workers Scott , Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA); Bruce , Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) show more Description Are you looking to create your own in-house training program? This ‘nuts & bolts’ session will show you how to get started, and will help you create a template for your own business using the WCA Skill Standards as one of your reference manuals. WCA will help companies to create their own career path for new employees. We will develop and define how a new employee progresses through the first 2 years of employment both in knowledge based skills and machine based skills. Track Culture & Workforce TH50: How to Stand Out, Attract the Best Clients, and Win Every Sale that Comes Your Way Mark , Remodelers Advantage, Inc show more Description Every sale is won or lost on your answer to one simple question: Why should I choose you? The problem is that you can’t just tell prospects. They must conclude it on their own. And the reality is they start building the case (for or against you) from the moment they becomes aware of your existence. To win the job, your prospect must believe – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that you are the hands-down best choice. Those that position themselves as that best choice from the onset will have a distinct advantage against the competition. And when done right, your clients are sold before your salesperson even says hello. Based on his bestselling book, "Lobster on a Cheese Plate", this session is an interactive crash course on strategic positioning with real-world examples and actionable lessons that you can employ in your own business. You will come away with exercises and self-assessment techniques to take back to the office so you may build your company's unbeatable position and start winning every project that comes your way. Track Business Management
11:30am TH52: ERP's, MES's, EOS - The ABC's of Data Tracking Marc , INNERGY show more Description Information, knowledge, data - how do we use all of those to impact our business? We all have knowledge that we use in every day decision making - the gray hairs from lessons learned, but how do we translate that knowledge into data and information? Join us as we discover the power of data - data collected by just doing our natural activities as we run our businesses. If we manage our projects using an ERP, our production using an MES, and process using an EOS, we suddenly get a complete picture of our current and future book of business and expose the bottlenecks that plague us. Track Business Management TH53: Improve Vacuum Clamping on CNC Routers through Gasketing Products and Techniques Michael C. , All*Star CNC Products show more Description Today, the majority of CNC routers that are fabricating parts rely on existing vacuum pump systems to hold the parts. Facilities will spend large amounts of time and resources sourcing their routers, the proper software, the necessary tooling, the right employees, and the perfect materials to make their parts with. But when it comes time to actually make that part and holding it successfully with vacuum, it is ultimately a simple PASS/FAIL test: were we able to hold the part - yes or no? If that answer is NO, then it is because the vacuum was not performing efficiently enough, and the only way to improve vacuum pressure and vacuum hold is with gasketing products. These are the tools that can seal an edge, prevent vacuum loss and change the environment from a simple down-draft system to one that utilizes vacuum clamping. This is completely different science and one that is far, far superior when it comes to holding parts. This session will look at the proper products and techniques to get a proper vacuum seal under spoil-boards and fixtures. The focus will then shift towards the different products and concepts for gasketing the parts that facilities produce -- because the investment made in CNC router equipment is made to cut parts, not make spoil-boards. When parts are held better, there are numerous advantages, including improved edge quality, extended tooling life, material waste prevention, and creating finished parts in a single pass. This can eliminate tab cutting and onion skins and we will look to see how this can happen in both production facilities making repetitive parts as well as those doing custom work and short runs. Learn how to make your router investment more profitable by holding and cutting your parts better. Track Technology & Innovation
1:30pm TH54: Project Management in a New Era Randy , Lange Bros. Woodwork Co. Inc.; Bob , Riverside Construction Services, Inc. show more Description New technology platforms and COVID restrictions of the day got you down? The Project Manager role has changed so much this year with increased responsibilities, additional job tracking, and new jobsite requirements. Feeling overwhelmed with the mountain of information required by our diverse clientele? See how one manufacturer uses existing platforms to creatively improve remote work flow and team communication. COVID restrictions have your project tied in knots? Whether you are a veteran PM or just starting out, join us to discuss opportunities to embrace the constant change on post COVID jobsites. Track Cabinet, Millwork & Furniture TH55: Registered Apprenticeships: New Solutions for the Wood Industry Mark , Reed-Custer High School; Kelly , Burke Architectural Millwork; Logan , Burke Architectural Millwork show more Description This session will explore new solutions for workforce development in the wood industry including the new Department of Labor (DOL) registered apprenticeship/occupation, Woodwork Manufacturing Specialist with a focus on what it takes for a company to adopt an apprenticeship program. Hear from the country’s first Woodwork Manufacturing Specialist apprentice on why he decided on a career in the wood industry instead of pursuing a university degree. Panelists will also discuss the importance of mentoring, educational partnerships and vision casting. Track Culture & Workforce TH58: Succession Planning: Preparing to Transition the Business to the Next Generation, Key Employees or a Strategic Buyer Ryan , Bernstein; Andrea , Alliance Bernstein; John , J.K Murphy Advisors show more Description Consulting firm Accenture estimates that by 2060, $30 trillion will transfer from senior generations to younger ones: it will be the greatest transfer of wealth in American history. Behind this great wealth transfer are private, family owned businesses. There are several considerations for business owners moving forward. Our panel of experts will explore important topics including: - The decision to sell or retain the business within the family - Considerations for passing the business to children, key employees, or selling to a strategic buyer - Best practices for transitioning the business to the next generation - Possible changes to estate and income tax legislation impacting business owners - Strategies to reduce tax lability in a transition or sale - Current trends in selling and refinancing a business - Strategies to maximize the value of your business Track Business Management
3:00pm TH56: CMA's "What's Your Problem" Amanda , Cabinet Makers Association show more Description The Cabinet Makers Association will once again host their popular “What’s Your Problem?” roundtable discussions. This is an opportunity for show attendees to share their problems and solutions with other like-minded woodworking professionals. This session offers a unique outlet to share business challenges and learn from others who have been there, done that, and succeeded. Track Cabinet, Millwork & Furniture
4:30pm TH57: Introducing Robotics into Your Operation Paolo , Biesse America; Isaiah , Paragon Concepts, LLC show more Description Hear from a closet and cabinet manufacturer who took the leap into Industry 4.0 by purchasing the Biesse Selco ROS robotic saw. They were the first in North America to bring this saw into the country. Learn about the process from selection to installation to implementation and receive tips from a machinery supplier on how you can get started on this journey. Track Technology & Innovation