Wood Composites: A Sustainability Story

Program Overview: Wood composite panels, such as particleboard and medium density fiberboard are the ultimate in recycled products. Fiber that would otherwise rot, degrade or be burned is combined with small amounts of resin and pressed into composite panels. These panels are then used by downstream fabricators to make non-structural products, such as furniture, flooring, millwork and moulding, countertops and more. The panel mills utilize more than 97% of the fiber acquired both to make the panels themselves or to fire the dryers and boilers that support the panel production processes. The panels themselves sequester large amounts of carbon, more than 11 million metric tons of CO2e in North America annually.

Products produced from wood panels are used extensively in the residential and commercial built environment and are specified heavily by the architect and design communities. These communities are increasingly focused on specifying products that have transparent and quantifiable sustainable attributes, are functional, attractive and contribute to a healthy indoor experience.

Kenn Busch, with Material Intelligence will moderate the panel. Panel participants will share intelligence on a number of programs that target the sustainability of materials in the built environment, including:

• Andy O’Hare, CPA: Overview of the industry sector and associated sustainability efforts.

• JoAnna Adams, Mind Click and the Design for Health Program: Highlights of this product specific tool that assesses the impact of products and materials on climate and human health and the indoor environment.

• Micah Thomas, Senior Director, Program Development and Compliance: Review of GBI: Green Globes® and Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria, which is a science- and consensus-based green building certification program that is nationally recognized for assessing commercial and multifamily buildings in North America and beyond. GBI is also leading the way in supporting investors, portfolio owners, and individual building owners in meeting the challenge of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy development, benchmarking, and reporting.

• John Hogan, Marriott Corporation: The global hospitality company is at the forefront of sustainability trends and is using the Design for Health Platform, and building rating systems, including Green Globes and others for their hotel properties, and is dedicated to transparent communication of the environment, social and governance attributes of their hospitality investments.

  • Date:Tuesday, July 20
  • Time:3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Session Code:TU35
Composite Panel Association
Material Intelligence
Green Building Initiative